What is WWI Link?

WWI Link is a research project database established by the history-loving team at Inside History magazine. This website is an online register of research projects taking place across Australia during the centenary of WWI, promoting our WWI heritage and creating an important record of the ways in which Australians commemorated this significant centenary.

WWI remains this country's deadliest conflict, leaving no Australian community unaffected. The centenary of this event has inspired an incredible range of commemorative projects across the country that explore the ways in which the Great War shaped our nation. WWI Link will capture and share information about these important projects to a broad public audience, providing a place for contributors to share information and resources, source volunteers and promote their work to the world.

The project was launched on Remembrance Day 2014 and will continue to be rolled out over the four years of the centenary. The second stage of WWI Link's launch will see contributors, or 'Project Owners', take the reins as they create and manage their own entries on the website. WWI Link is non-commercial and is funded by a Your Community Heritage Grant.

Join us

WWI Link welcomes registrations from a wide range of contributors, and Project Owners are welcome to register multiple projects. The database currently includes projects listed by national institutions, local history organisations and professional and amateur historians. If you have a WWI project you'd like to register on WWI Link, head to our registration page, check out our FAQs or get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

If you're looking to get involved in a WWI project in your region or if you are interested in a particular topic - head to WWI Link's database and start exploring!

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