What is WWI Link?

WWI Link is a non-commercial online research database, funded by a Your Community Heritage Grant, that showcases the wide variety of commemorative projects underway throughout Australia during the centenary years of WWI. The site provides a central platform for researchers to collaborate and promote their work, as well as providing media, volunteers and the general public with the opportunity to easily discover and participate in these projects. The site was officially launched on Remembrance Day 2014 with the second stage of the website's rollout expected to come a few months later, including new functionalities that will allow contributors, or 'Project Owners', to create and manage their own project profiles.

Who can submit projects to WWI Link?

Are you working on a project that explores the Australian experience of WWI? We'd love to hear from you! WWI Link welcomes projects conducted by large institutions as well as local organisations and individuals, please see our Registration and Submission Guidelines and Terms and Conditions for more information. Each project showcased on WWI Link is required to have an Australian focus and a clearly articulated outcome, however if you have any questions about your submission please get in touch with us.

How can I add my project?

Simply head to our submissions page to register your interest and we will be in touch. By promoting your work through WWI Link, you will be engaging a wide audience and connecting with potential volunteers, sponsors and partners.

How can I find a project on WWI Link?

If you don't have a project but would like to find a way to contribute to WWI centenary activities, browse the projects on WWI Link for those in your geographic region, your area of interest or perhaps even by battle. You can contact Project Owners or engage them in a discussion about their work and how you might be able to contribute.

Why are there no projects near me?

The number of projects listed on WWI Link will grow over the next few years. If you can't see any projects listed in your area, please check back with us at a later date. If you know of a WWI project that is not listed on this site, please refer them to WWI Link so we can add them to the growing list of Australian centenary projects.

What is a 'Project Owner'?

A 'Project Owner' can be an individual or an organisation who has registered one or more projects on the WWI Link website.

Do I have to display my contact details in my Project Owner profile?

No - but we recommend that you do! Even if it is simply a contact email. The purpose of WWI Link is to facilitate connections and collaboration; between researchers, the public, sponsors, the media and institutions.

What do you mean by a logo - and what if I don't have one?

A logo is an emblem that represents your organisation. If you are adding a logo to your WWI Link profile, you must have permission to use this in association with your project. If you do not have a logo or logo kit, don't worry, you don't need one. Simply leave this section blank.

Will information provided to WWI Link be copyright protected?

WWI Link is only providing basic data about projects being undertaken across Australia. The site will not be holding the complete output or contents of these projects. For promotional images and content supplied, we expect submitters to be either copyright holders themselves or provide the appropriate credit lines. See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How did WWI Link originate?

As the WWI centenary approached, and as entities around Australia planned their commemorative activities, Inside History magazine recognised the need for an easily accessible research resource to bring these activities into one accessible place. By providing a centralised platform from which to coordinate research projects, WWI Link maximises the opportunities to promote and collect our WWI stories.

Who will benefit from using WWI Link?

As a resource for coordinating and promoting Australian-based commemorative projects, WWI Link will be of relevance to anyone whose interest is sparked by the centenary of the Great War.

In particular, the site will be of great value to researchers and family historians investigating the participation of their community in WWI and the impact this conflict had on their area. Local councils, potential donors, volunteers and media will all be able to find and connect with projects happening in their region.

What will WWI Link achieve?

This nationwide database will assist in creating a fuller picture of the Australian experience of war. Stories from the battlefront, the home front, women and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander soldiers as well as campaigns and unit histories are all significant elements of a wide national story - elements we hope will be explored by the nation on WWI Link. As centenary activities continue through to 2018, WWI Link will increasingly form an important archive of Australian contributions to both WWI and the centenary itself.

How can I contact the WWI Link team?

You can email us at hello[at]worldwaronelink.com.au or call us on +61 2 9590 9600. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.