Artist Hego's Black Anzac mural in Redfern, Sydney

Black Anzac - the documentary

An inspiring, powerful and uniquely Australian tale, Black Anzac explores the untold story of Indigenous service in World War One through the work of Sydney street artist Hego. Black Anzac is based on an original idea by Artist Hego and directed and produced by filmmaker Tim Anastasi and line producer Kimberley Low.


In the Indigenous heart of Sydney, an up and coming street artist named Hego attempts to tell an untold side of Australian history through his latest work - a mural of colossal proportions of Alfred Cameron Jnr, an Aboriginal soldier from WWI. With insightful interviews featuring local Aboriginal elders and activists, direct relatives of Alfred Cameron Jnr and others, Black Anzac follows Hego on his quest to create the largest wheatpasted mural to date in Australia, and the positive impact that follows which surpasses all expectations.

"Aboriginal Anzacs fought for a nation that did not even recognise their rights and status as human beings let along citizens. Yet their love of land went ahead of any flag or crown and they went forth as proud warriors - that makes their sacrifice and unselfishness even more remarkable" - Soldier at Coloured Diggers March, Redfern, Anzac Day, April 2014
"I came across this poem called 'Black Anzac' (Cecil Fisher, 1933) that touched on he fact that Aboriginal Anzacs hadn't been acknowledged before. I had never heard of them during school studies of WW1 & WW2" - Artist Hego
"(The mural is) such a wonderful strong statement" - Hon. Clover Moore, Mayor of Sydney

The Pozible Campaign

A month-long crowdfunding campaign to complete Black Anzac was launched on Pozible in November 2014. This campaign successfully raised the $10,000 needed to finish the film during 2015 .

The artist Hego and director Tim Anastasi are available for interview and photo opportunities. Check out the teaser below or head to the website (link above) for more.

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Project milestones

Post Production on 'Black Anzac' Completed: April 25, 2015
If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the team behind the 'Black Anzac' documentary aim to have post production work completed during 2015.

Black Anzac Pozible Campaign launched: Nov. 20, 2014 to Dec. 19, 2014
A month-long crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds to complete the documentary 'Black Anzac'.

'Black Anzac' mural installed in Redfern: April 22, 2014
Sydney street artist Hego's artwork of Indigenous serviceman Alfred Cameron Jnr appears on the wall at the Aboriginal Housing Company on the Block in Redfern.

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