Roll Call, by Ellis Silas (1920). Courtesy Australian War Memorial

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There was no funding or sponsors involved in this project. Everyone involved, the project leader, project contributors, the research team and the medical forensic panel, volunteered their time and expertise.

Gallipoli Dead from Western Australia

We determined how many West Australians were killed at Gallipoli, something previously unknown and thought impossible to work out.

This was a collaborative project led by Presbyterian Ladies' College Archivist Shannon Lovelady involving private and departmental contributors, research volunteers, all of whom helped to gather the data; one brilliant web master who presented it, and members of an international medical panel who helped assess eligibility by examining medical files forensically to debate the probable cause of death of certain cases.

The project was finished well ahead of the centenary of the Anzac landing. The team now knows that 1023 West Australian soldiers died as a result of their service at Gallipoli. You can access the full list in the link above.

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Project milestones

Project Timeframe
The project was begun in June 2013 and completed in about June 2014. In October 2013 the number was 1017 and Shannon felt certain the number would not go below 1010 or over 1030. The current number is 1023 but remains open for submission of West Australian soldiers serving on other forces. Those who have a tie to Western Australia which has not yet come to light may also be added in future.

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