'Boys, come over here; you're wanted'. (Melbourne: Parliamentary Reruiting Committe, 1915)

A New Nation Goes to War : an Exhibition of World War I Material Held in the Monash University Library, Rare Books Collection

To mark the centenary of Word War I, Monash University Library, Rare Books is presenting an exhibition to commemorate such an important phase in Australia's history. It is fitting for the University named after Sir John Monash, Commander of the Australian Corps, to mark the event.

The exhibition is an online showcase of materials held in Rare Books. It will run for four years. Each year new material will be added on a chosen theme. Many items have been digitised and placed in the Monash University Research Repository in order to provide substance to the images provided here.

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Project milestones

This is a four year rolling virtual exhibition that will be updated yearly.

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