Submarine HMAS AE2 on arrival to Portsmouth, 1914. AWM collection

Grant/funding information:

This project has received partial funding from Centenary of Anzac funds through the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Project Silent Anzac

The primary objective of Project Silent Anzac is to tell the story of AE2 and Sultanhisar. This will be achieved through the delivery of a broad-based Education Program and the commemorative plaques project. The Education Program provides teaching and learning material to every Australian primary and secondary school and is supported by the website -

The AE2 Commemorative Foundation (AE2CF) has installed 8 plaques throughout Australia and Turkey, by the renowned sculptor Dr Ross Bastiaan AM. The first plaque was unveiled at the Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre at Garden Island, Sydney, in 2009 and the most recent one at the Turkish Naval Museum Istanbul in 2014. A further plaque is proposed for the Display Centre on Gaba Tepe Gallipoli.

The most exciting part in 'telling the story' was the internal Maritime Archaeological Assessments in 2007 and 2014. These were recorded in the film Gallipoli Submarine by Electric Pictures and a documentary AE2 The Silent Anzac by Sensible Films.

The AE2CF also aims for the Preservations and Protection of the site. Measures have been implemented to achieve these aims and include the installation of a Cathodic Protection System, laying of a Navigation Buoy and fitting a Secure Hatch. Still to be embodied is the planned Alert Zone in the Turkish Straits Vessels Traffic System.

The AE2CF will be wound up in June 2015 with its responsibilities divested to both the Turkish authorities and the Australian National Maritime Museum during the planned conference in Istanbul 20 April 2015. Arrangements are in hand to continue the website under the stewardship of Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM).

In addition, ATOM has produced a number of resources relating to AE2:

  • First to Gallipoli : ATOM study guides (one for primary students and one for secondary students)
  • Gallipoli Submarine ATOM study guide
  • Stoker's Submarine book: (via the 'Resources' tab)
  • AE2: The Silent Anzac graphic novel: (via the 'Resources' tab)

ATOM also manages a number of social media pages designed to raise awareness of Project Silent Anzac and keep followers abreast of the project's development. In addition to the accounts listed above, you can also connect with this project on Vimeo and Youtube.

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Project milestones

Project Completion Conference, Istanbul: April 20, 2015

Maritime Archaeology Assessment: May 30, 2014 to June 20, 2014

Joint Turkish Australian Conference Istanbul : April 26, 2008 to April 27, 2008

Maritime Archaeology Assessment in the Sea of Marmara: Sept. 1, 2007 to Sept. 24, 2007

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