Erdal Kabatepe with grandfather Ali Faik Kabatepe and Ozcan Alpat with father Huseyin Servi. Images courtesy of Mine Konakci

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Customs House, BAUART Gallery, Beko and Turkish Airlines

Photographic Exhibition: Remembering Gallipoli

A photographic exploration of the descendants of the Anzac and Turkish soldiers who fought at Gallipoli.

During the Gallipoli campaign both the Anzacs and the Turks had significant casualties and the campaign played a significant role for Australia, New Zealand and Turkey in forming their national identity.

For Australia and New Zealand, this campaign marked the beginning of their nationhood. For Turkey, the campaign has helped the country to transform itself from a dying empire to a new nation through Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's leadership.

Whilst during the eight-month long Gallipoli campaign both sides were experiencing heavy losses and hardship, there were also incidents of exchanging cigarettes, matches and chocolate from trenches and a unique friendship was formed during ceasefires declared in order to collect corpses.

The Anzac Spirit of 1915 has continued to foster a close tie between the three countries. Particularly in the last twenty years both the Turks and the Anzacs now see Gallipoli as a unique bond between their nations.

I hope this exhibition will contribute to the centenary commemorations by showing descendants from both sides of the battle. The viewers will be able to reflect on their past and acknowledge the sacrifices and hardships of their ancestors.

On a personal note, as a Turkish-born Australia, I feel a strong connection with both nations and I'm very pleased to witness the growing bond between the two nations. I remember vividly my visit to Gallipoli in 1996 - just before my departure from my homeland to Australia - and the effect it had on me.

This project is simultaneously being exhibited in Sydney and in Turkey until the end of May 2015. More information on dates and locations can be found here.

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