A Soldier of the British Empire

A novel of the First World War

My project is this novel. It is structured in five parts. The first three parts are written as three separate diaries by the main character of the novel, Ghulam Hussain; he is an Indian Muslim soldier of the British Indian Army.

This is followed by a small section which consists of three letters written by one of the main characters in the novel. The final section of the novel is the epilogue - a short story, which becomes the conclusion of the work; this allows the reader to have some sort of closure to their literary journey.

I would be grateful for any assistance in publicizing the work. The novel is 'self-published' through Amazon books and Kindle. I have no publisher or agent for the work. I would like to promote the novel through as many media outlets as possible.

There is an unfinished website for the project. However, this is only partially completed by the website designer. I am unable to proceed any further on this as I do not have the technical know-how to complete the final part of the site.

I am keen to write back into history the contribution made by the Indian troops of the British Empire to the war effort on the Western Front. Therefore, my desired outcome for the novel is to have the book reach the widest possible audience, not just here in Australia, but also abroad; particularly in the United Kingdom, Europe, India and Pakistan.

World War I | Western Front | India | Great War | Trench Warfare | Ypres | Muslim Indian Soldiers

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