Singer, Songwriter and Entertainer Guy Walton

The Soldier

This song is a tribute to the Soldiers of WW1 and Soldiers of any generation.

After recording this song back in 2011, Guy decided that he wanted to create a music video using archival footage, to bring the words more to life, and to paint a picture on screen of what life was like for those that served. Guy set about watching up to 5 hours of archival footage, made available online by the Australian War Memorial, and painstakingly selecting footage that went with the story of the lyrics. So, 5 hours became 3 minutes. Then came the process of applying to the AWM for access to the footage and then onto filming some scenes. All the bits were then edited to make the final result. Guy released the song online in March 2014.

This video has been taken into the National Collection at the Australian War Memorial.

Listen to The Soldier on iTunes or Amazon.

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