Guiillaux’ Clement Bayard aircraft, 1912

The Wartime Story of Maurice Guillaux

Maurice Guillaux, the forgotten air pioneer

We are interested in the career of Maurice Guillaux, a French airman who was in Australia for 197 days in 1914. He gave many aerobatic displays and flew Australia's first seaplane. But his main exploit was the carriage of the first airmail and airfreight in Australia, Melbourne to Sydney in July 1914. We conducted a major re-enactment of this flight on 12-14 July 2014. See

Guillaux returned to France in 1914, sailing with the first Australian contingent leaving Sydney on 22 October with the headquarters group of 3 Australian Division. We seek information about his wartime career.

We do not need sponsors or funding, costs are minimal and the project is self-funding; however we do need expertise in terms of research, notably of his wartime career, but also any thoughts about the amazing rumor of his death as a traitor that swept Australia in late 1917.

See the three pdfs at the base of the page for more background information about Maurice Guillaux's life, his time in Australia and his military career.

Guillaux and son Bernard in Morane Parasol aircraft, 1916 or 1917Guillaux and son Bernard in Morane Parasol aircraft, 1916 or 1917

Guillaux and son Bernard in Morane Parasol aircraft, 1916 or 1917. Image courtesy Guillaux family

Lebbeus Hordern’ Maurice Farman seaplane, at Point Cook as CFS-7

Lebbus Hordern Maurice Farman seaplane at Point Cook as CFS-7. Courtesy RAAF Point Cook

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Project milestones

Centenary of Maurice Guillaux's death: May 21, 2017
The centenary of his death will be 21 May 2017. The French community in Australia as well as various groups in his home town of Montoire, central France, are interested in commemorating this occasion.

Publication about Guillaux's life and times: June 30, 2015
We want to produce a full history of Guillaux's life and times, finalized by mid 2015.

Publication of the original airmail flight and re-enactments: Dec. 31, 2014
We want to produce a record of the original airmail flight and subsequent re-enactments (1964, 1989 and 2014). We want to finalise this by mid-December 2014.

Re-enactment of the airmail flight from Melbourne to Sydney: July 13, 2014 to July 14, 2014
This re-enactment involved many groups of people - historians, aircraft museums, aero clubs, including groups involved with local history of the stops en route such as historical aircraft, ultralight aircraft, historic care clubs and other community groups.

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